Haitian Apricot Jam

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Yes, you are reading right. Caribbean apricots are back on this blog, and it’s only been two weeks since this fruit was first featured here. I simply couldn’t let this season end without sharing another of my favorite, if not my favorite way of eating this fruit that is typical to our Caribbean soil with you.

If you have read my first article about Caribbean apricots you remember that tiny square bowl with a red lid from my high school years. You are also aware of the fact that I ate its content with salted crackers for breakfast on the school ground. This bowl was always filled with my favorite jam, which makes for a real breakfast of the champs if you ask me.

I am actually having some crackers and apricot jam with some freshly brewed Haitian coffee this morning as I commit these words to paper. And I am telling you, there is nothing quite like a spoonful of apricot jam spread onto your favorite crackers. It’s a small taste of heaven…and summer, of course.

A taste I discovered early on during my childhood, as this particular jam was another one of my grandmother’s specialties. Just like she made the chewiest and most gooey bonbon sirop, she also made the best apricot jam I ever had in my lifetime. I don’t think I am making that up or that I am biased. Her confiture abricots (apricot jam) was simply a delight.

Grandma’s jam was never too sweet. It always had just the right amount of fruits and sugar, and she always kept the fruits in chunks, which in my opinion made it even more successful. The fruit’s flavor was not buried under a thick syrupy sauce as often happens with jams that are overly sweetened. With each spoonful you got a real piece of fruit and thus discovered the wonderful world of flavors the apricot has to offer. Just like the real fruit, her jam was sweet but tangy.

I will forever treasure sweet memories of my grandmother’s apricot jam and I hope to be able to replicate her recipe one day though, as I mentioned before, I am well aware of the fact that she had her own secret weapon: her love for whoever she was cooking for. Maybe when I start making it for my own children and grand children I will finally get it right.

In the meantime, I leave you with this almost perfect recipe that helped me rediscover the very same Caribbean apricot jam that I am eating this morning.

The recipe below is based on a pound of fruits cut into thin slices. If you happen to have less fruits, just remember that a good jam usually has an equal part of fruits and sugar and adjust the measurements accordingly.


  • 1 part Caribbean apricot
  • 1 part sugar
  • Cinnamon Stick


  1. Peel the fruit and cut it into thin slices
  2. Cook the fruit in one cup of water
  3. Once the fruit pieces are tender, add the sugar and cinnamon
  4. Bring to a boil and let cook until the liquid thickens
  5. Remove the foam if necessary
  6. Once your jam is ready, let it cool in a glass jar
  7. Keep refrigerated.

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