Happiness in a glass of fruit


Would you have ever thought to look for happiness in a simple glass of juice?

We often speak of happiness in a mug of coffee, so no need to tell you how great was my surprise when, a few days ago, I discovered the joy of enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

That day, I had sat outside to enjoy our beautiful weather especially our tropical sun, which, after many days spent in hiding, had finally graced us with its presence in the mountains of Haiti. To better savor this pleasant day, I had squeezed some chadeque juice into a glass.

I was delighted from the very first sip. I had the chance not only to drink my favorite juice, but I was enjoying some freshly squeezed juice handpicked in my own orchard!

With just this thought, I couldn’t help but think that a fruit handpicked from one’s own tree is not only tastier, but is also more natural than any other juice. Not even fresh fruits from the farmer’s market could compete with that thought, even when they too clearly come from someone’s personal backyard.

I know this is a totally ludicrous assumption, but that day, I couldn’t help but think of those Saturday mornings with nature, after our walks in the hills of Fermathe. Those Saturdays when I venture out into our garden, still humid from the morning dew, to indulge in Mother Nature and its fruits that I often snap in pictures, some of which can be found on the blog’s Instagram, before handpicking them for our family breakfast.

Simple moments of joy when, with just a few sips, the world seems better and much more pleasant.

Allow me to go as far as saying that this is what happens when one squeezes a fruit handpicked from one’s own garden. One learns to enjoy Mother Nature and her fruity gifts.

That day, I also learned to love my beloved Haiti a little bit more.


  1. Martine Romain Megie

    Te lire est aussi delicieux qu’un verre de jus fraichement presse; sans omettre de mentionner a ta suite que le jus de chadeque est l’un de nos meilleurs.

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