These oven baked Haitian sweet potato fries are seasoned with salt, pepper and fresh garlic. |

Idea Casserole, vegetables

How do you eat your Haitian sweet potatoes?

Keeping the Fall theme going, after serving you six giraumon pumpkin recipes, I have included sweet potatoes on this week’s…

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The best of Fall in this roasted Fall vegetables sheet pan. |

Idea Casserole, recipes, vegetables

Garlic Roasted Fall Vegetables with thyme

A while ago, we established that I was not a fan of our Haitian soup joumou. It was right around…

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This cheesy mashed giraumon is featured among six of my favorite pumpkin recipes. Discover them on the blog. |

Idea Casserole, inspirational, recipes

Six giraumon pumpkin recipes for your Fall Cookbook

Fall flavors, what does that mean on an island that knows no season and on which pumpkins grow year-round? Technically…

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There are more than one way to enjoy citrus fruits. Find out some of my favorites here. |

Idea Casserole, recipes, Tips & Tricks

How to make the best of your citrus & a candied fruit recipe

Nothing beats a glass of freshly squeezed handpicked citrus juice in the morning. There’s no denying it. That juice is…

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This potpourri citrus pie is bright, sweet, tart. It is everything your palate wants. And it's easy to prepare. |

Idea Casserole, recipes, sweets

My potpourri citrus pie

A potpourri pie? What kind of pie bears such a name? The kind of pies I create on Tchakayiti while…

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This sour orange curd is sweet yet tart. It makes the perfect cracker topping or pie. |

Idea Casserole, recipes, sweets

A sour orange curd does make for a sweet treat

I should have entitled this article “how a sour orange curd helped me through dark times.” But that would be…

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This griot fried pork sandwich is deliciously crunchy and well-balanced in flavors. |

Idea Casserole, meat, recipes

The ultimate Haitian griot pork sandwich

Today, I am proudly serving you my homemade griot fried pork sandwich. I won’t deny it. I am definitely bragging…

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This grilled pineapple avocado salad is packed with wonderful flavors that will awaken your senses. |

Idea Casserole, recipes, seafood, vegetables

Habanero spiced pineapple avocado salad & blackened fish filet

This grilled pineapple avocado salad atop blackened fish was born out of a desire to explore. I was looking to…

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This Haitian style shrimp and grits is drowned in a velvety wine and tomato sauce. It is divine. |

grains, Idea Casserole, recipes

Creamy wine and tomato infused shrimp and grits

Today’s shrimp and grits is unlike anything you’ve had before. I must warn you, however. It is not quite your…

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Haitian cassava bread are among the most versatile snacks |

Idea Casserole, recipes

Six ways to eat our Haitian cassava bread

Ever wondered what to make with a batch of cassava bread? What if I told you the possibilities were endless?…

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This ginger mango lobster salad is vibrant, spicy and hot just like summer. The best and easiest summer salad you'll ever prepare. |

fruits, Idea Casserole, recipes, seafood

A spicy ginger mango lobster salad

The best dishes are the ones we create accidentally. The ones we prepare on a whim. This ginger mango grilled…

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These ginger pineapple chicken kabobs are amazingly easy to make. There's some ginger and habanero pepper added to kick things up a notch. |

Idea Casserole, recipes

Pineapple chicken kabobs with ginger and habanero pepper

Summer is here. And with it has come the most perfect weather with beautifully sunny skies.  The kind that make…

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This fried shrimp recipe is an attempt to replicate the ones I grew up eating from a street merchant in Haiti. They were a pure delight. |

Idea Casserole, recipes, seafood

Spicy fried shrimp & a trip back in time

Today, we’re taking a trip back in time. We’re once more off to school.  Worry not, we won’t spend any…

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These sour tamarind wings are juicy, sticky, sweet, sour, tangy, they're perfect. You should give them a try. |

Idea Casserole, meat, recipes

Sticky Caramelized Haitian style sour tamarind wings

I am not a fan of chicken wings. Fact. Chicken wings are messy, especially with a caramelized sauce. Fact. I…

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This spicy mango salsa is a must in your culinary repertoire. |

appetizer, fruits, Idea Casserole, recipes

A spicy mango salsa

Mango salsa and painting. What do those two have in common? A lot. In my world at least. Both mango…

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These breadfruit taco shells are crispy, crunchy and a great substitute for the traditional crispy corn taco. Plus they're easy to make. |

Idea Casserole, Tips & Tricks

How to make breadfruit taco shells

You’re probably wondering why in the world I am making taco shells. That dish is unrelated to the Haitian cuisine.…

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This Haitian style salt-cured pork and shrimp paella is packed with amazing flavors and enhanced with our famous local mushroom, djdondjon. A must try. |

cereales, grains, Idea Casserole, meat, recipes, seafood

Haitian-style salt-cured pork and shrimp paella with djondjon

On the menu today, my Haitian-style salt-cured pork and shrimp paella. Did that flavor combination just make you grimace? If…

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Poisson Gros Sel, a red snapper cooked in a court-bouillon with coarse salt, is a typical Haitian dish that is quite easy to make. Grab the recipe now. |

Idea Casserole, recipes, seafood

Haitian poisson gros sel my way, two ways

Raise your hand if you’ve accidentally cooked fish before without scaling it! Yes, I just raised my hand. You read…

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This risotto stlye pumpkin giraumon millet is easy to make and brings those grains to another level. Grab the recipe on the blog. |

cereales, grains, Idea Casserole, recipes

Pitimi pumpkin risotto style

I feel like I should start this article with an apology. Last week, I promised you a risotto-style djondjon pitimi.…

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Pitimi makes a deliciously light and fluffy tabbouleh style millet salad. I encourage you to try this easy recipe. |

grains, Idea Casserole, recipes

Millet salad, a new way to eat Haitian pitimi

Have you ever bitten into microscopic rocks while eating millet without meaning to? Is their crackling sound something you’re familiar…

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This is my personal take on the traditional Haitian beignets. I have stuffed them which is quite unusual. You should definitely give them a try. |

Creole Kitchens, Idea Casserole, recipes, sweets

Creole Kitchens Mardi-Gras Edition: a beignets cook-off

“I really should have named this article: How a beignets cook-off convinced me that I am not destined to be…

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This unusual dessert is made of layers of flattened rum infused Haitian chocolate truffles and a sweet sour orange custard. A true delight for your tastebuds. |

Idea Casserole, recipes, sweets

Rum infused layered Haitian chocolate truffles dessert

Today, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am revisiting our chokola peyi. I am serving you layers of flattened chocolate…

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A recipe for a creamy mirliton soup or chayote soup enhanced with flavors of shrimp and crab. |

Creole Kitchens, Idea Casserole, recipes

Creole Kitchens cook-off and a mirliton soup

The mirliton soup recipe below is part of a food challenge. I created it in hopes of showcasing this vegetable…

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This zesty crab salad makes for a great appetizer. You can also use it enhance your soups. |

appetizer, Idea Casserole, recipes, seafood

My not-so-Haitian crab salad

A zesty chipotle crab salad on a food blog devoted to Haitian cuisine?!? I can imagine your shock at seeing…

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Hummus with a twist. This Caribbean hummus is made with breadnuts in lieu of garbanzo beans. A silky smooth recipe you'll want to try. |

appetizer, Idea Casserole, recipes

A Caribbean chestnut hummus recipe

Every year, we host the family at Christmas. To mix things up a bit, my mom and I always try…

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Idea Casserole, recipes

One weekend, four yuca recipes

Yuca, tapioca, manioc in French, manyòk in Creole, cassava elsewhere… Boiled yuca, mashed yuca, yuca garnished with cheese, yuca fries…

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