This is my personal take on the traditional Haitian beignets. I have stuffed them which is quite unusual. You should definitely give them a try. |

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Creole Kitchens Mardi-Gras Edition: a beignets cook-off

“I really should have named this article: How a beignets cook-off convinced me that I am not destined to be…

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This unusual dessert is made of layers of flattened rum infused Haitian chocolate truffles and a sweet sour orange custard. A true delight for your tastebuds. |

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Rum infused layered Haitian chocolate truffles dessert

Today, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am revisiting our chokola peyi. I am serving you layers of flattened chocolate…

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A recipe for a creamy mirliton soup or chayote soup enhanced with flavors of shrimp and crab. |

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Creole Kitchens cook-off and a mirliton soup

The mirliton soup recipe below is part of a food challenge. I created it in hopes of showcasing this vegetable…

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This zesty crab salad makes for a great appetizer. You can also use it enhance your soups. |

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My not-so-Haitian crab salad

A zesty chipotle crab salad on a food blog devoted to Haitian cuisine?!? I can imagine your shock at seeing…

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Hummus with a twist. This Caribbean hummus is made with breadnuts in lieu of garbanzo beans. A silky smooth recipe you'll want to try. |

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A Caribbean chestnut hummus recipe

Every year, we host the family at Christmas. To mix things up a bit, my mom and I always try…

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One weekend, four yuca recipes

Yuca, tapioca, manioc in French, manyòk in Creole, cassava elsewhere… Boiled yuca, mashed yuca, yuca garnished with cheese, yuca fries…

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