Peanut brittle Haiti Tablèt Pistach

Tablèt pistach, a gooey post-beach treat

Imagine yourself on the road back to Port-au-Prince from a great day at the beach. The mountain is on one…

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Haitian mango blan etiquette

It’s 5 o’clock. I am getting home from work. Upon my arrival, I am greeted with numerous questions. My mom…

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A sumptuous peach jam

What do you do when you have too many peaches? Why, you make a homemade peach jam of course! And…

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An apple tree in Haiti?

Two years ago, I was marveling at the beauty of perusing through our at-home garden. Yesterday, after work, I took…

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Mango kòn Haiti

A mango kòn….avalanche

Imagine being absorbed in your work when suddenly: po’w, po’w, po’w…an avalanche of mango kòn makes you jump out of…

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Our marinades are not a seasoning mix

A first communion without marinade? Have you lost your mind!! Pa gen komunyon san marinade! (You can’t have a first…

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ti bonm haiti peppermint

Ti bonm, aromatic herb

Itchy throat? Runny nose? Nothing some freshly brewed te ti bonm (ti bonm tea) won’t cure! At least that’s what…

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Lalo, unappealing yet tasty

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to finally enjoy the savory dish pictured above thanks to an…

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Rezen, mûres, mulberries - Fruits d'Haïti

Our rezen are actually mulberries

Dear readers, I am back. Yes, finally. I apologize for my long absence. This month marks two years since I…

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stuffed-cabbage-mechi-haiti (1)

Cabbage, mèchi & 7 cooks

– Should we cook the rice and meat first? – The recipe says not to cook them, but you know…

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Boudin noir à l'haïtienne

Butcher’s shop & boudin noir

Growing up, there was nothing I hated more than our bi-weekly visits to the butcher. Every Tuesday and Friday, on…

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Poud damou, a coconut favorite

Imagine yourself discovering a snack called poud damou, powder of love, on a playground when you were 8 or 10…

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Shelling congo beans

“Rale ti chèz ba’w, vinn kale pwa” (Grab a low straw chair, and come peel some congo beans). These are…

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Got (coconut) milk?

After sharing four coconut milk based recipes that include our famous blan manje, Haitian goodies known as dous kokoye, Haiti’s…

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Haitian cooking, a labor of love…

It just dawned on me that for the past 18 months I have told you about the aromas, smells and…

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The itchy grape punishment

I love that this blog earns me food gifts from friends and family especially since most of them are usually…

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A day at the market

This brave woman carrying her fresh harvest downhill is not an unusual sighting in the mountains of Haiti. Women like…

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How do you cook your rice?

Yes, you read right. Rice is once again featured on this blog. You didn’t really think I would leave you…

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Sòs pwa, Haitian bean sauce

My grandmother’s dining table on a weeknight, eight regulars, a bowl being passed from one set of hands to the…

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Granadilla or grenadia sucrée?

What do you do when you come across a fruit from your childhood and want to try and figure out…

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One pot coconut ice cream

A few weeks ago, I decided to finally give in to what I had been longing to do all summer…

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The stingy plum tree

With its melons, pineapples, apricots, corn and now quenêpes, this summer has been fruitful, thus far. There is absolutely no…

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Zanmann, tropical almond

There are two great things about the above-featured fruit: nothing beats a nap under its tree’s branches, and they make…

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Mayi Boukannen the right way

As you may already know from reading my mayi boukannen or bouyi article, growing up, there was nothing quite as…

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A peak into the neighbor’s kitchen

As I emerged out of bed later than usual this morning, the aromas of a meal being prepped pleasantly greeted…

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Summer in a fruit cup

At first, I wanted to name this article the deconstructed fruit bowl. Instead of a fruit cup, I was planning…

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A cabbage plantation

The other day, as I ventured outside into the far corners of our backyard, I couldn’t hide my surprise at…

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Goudrin, a pineapple beverage

What if I told you that for some the pineapple peel is just as important, if not more important, than…

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Douce Kokoye, Coconut Recipe

These chewy looking chunks of goodness are not brownies. They are homemade melt-in-your mouth coconut milk and sugar bites by…

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Haitian Apricot Jam

Yes, you are reading right. Caribbean apricots are back on this blog, and it’s only been two weeks since this…

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For the love of “graten”

A child sneaks into a kitchen, lifts a lid that’s covering a simmering pot of rice and pours some oil…

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Caribbean Apricot, unlike any other

A small square bowl with a red lid, a pack of my favorite salted crackers; a staircase, small talk punctuated…

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Chanm chanm

These days I am definitely going back in time. There’s no doubt about it. After my salted plastic bags filled…

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Papita, gou lari a

Heat, school, salt, excitement…such are the memories that come to mind as I look at the above pictured snack that…

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Endless mango…

Mango kòn, mango fransik, mango tòtòt…mango kanèl, mango muska, mango baptiste, mango blan…. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s…

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Plantains, full of life

“Renmen sa ki soti nan lakou lakay nou!” (love what comes from your backyard) – such was a song my…

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Embracing life in the mountains

Look at this picture. Imagine crops lining up to infinity on each of those mountainsides… Think of cabbage or potato…

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Salt-cured Pork for bold flavors

As far back as I can remember, containers filled with salt and meat were always lining up on my grandmother’s…

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Haitian Salade Russe

Good Friday is knocking at our door. Growing up, to me, that day implied a tasty feast that could leave…

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My first watercress swim

Yes, you read right! I swam with watercress this past weekend. We had gone exploring in Saut d’Eau, north of…

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Haitian Touffe Legume

….or how to start eating vegetables Carrot, cabbage, mirliton, eggplant, green beans…how do you get someone who hates vegetables to…

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Coconut, sun & beach

As I stare at the above picture of the remnants of one of our wonderful days at the beach here…

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Fresh raw oysters on a beach

“Sluuuuurrrppppp!” That is the sound of dozens of oysters being eaten on a beach on Haiti’s Côtes des Arcadins (coastal…

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Behind the scenes: coffee cherries

« I feel like I am in an amusement park » are the words a friend from Europe uttered as…

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Pig Head Salad

Who would have thought that just one appetizer plate could be the life of a party? Well I sure didn’t…

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Banana Beignets

In exactly ten days, it will be Carnaval here in Haiti. Dance, music and mostly letting go of the daily…

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Morue (codfish) in oil

Today’s fish is almost as popular in our Haitian cuisine as the hareng saur I previously introduced you to on…

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Happiness in a glass of fruit

Would you have ever thought to look for happiness in a simple glass of juice? We often speak of happiness…

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Herring Mousse

What if I started this article with a statement like: cream cheese is a must in any worthy fridge? Would…

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Galette des Rois

You are reading a Queen today, well a temporary Queen that is. I found the fève (bean) in our Galette…

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Our Haitian Christmas Dinner

When we were kids, there was nothing we loved more than Christmas and the day after Christmas. As is the…

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Cremas, coconut Holiday drink

As I commit these words to paper at 7:00 in the morning, I can’t help but think of the fact…

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Herring Chiquetaille

Some say that “manje deyò” – food eaten out – tastes better than the food served at home. While I…

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Tranpe, macerated drink

Bottles of all shapes, sizes and colors are often lined up on shelves as part of the décor in many…

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Sugarcane, cold remedy?

“Depi gòj mwen kòmanse gratem, mwen manje on mòso kann” (I eat sugarcane at the first signs of a sore…

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Grenadia, Passion fruit

A few years ago, to my grand dismay, dad introduced the passion fruit tree, a fruit tree I was not…

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Haitian Chocolate Balls

The weather always has a way to influence what our taste buds desire, and in my case I have specific…

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Tchaka, a family tradition

Pretend today is Saturday and not Wednesday. Now dim the lights. Better yet, light a tèt gridap in a room…

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Cattle, meat & giblets

The sight of this plate at a family gathering, a few weeks ago, brought back many childhood memories. Before I…

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Where peanuts come from

This past weekend, I stepped away from my mountain retreat of Fort-Jacques and headed towards the Center of Haiti to…

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Let’s go pick cherries

When we were younger, we often hung out among cousins at the same house that had become our pied-à-terre. One…

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Gou Epis Lakay

Just last week, I attended Haiti’s first Pork Festival. As the name implies, pork was the main ingredient on the…

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Douce, Tablette Haiti

A douce escape

This plate brings back souvenirs of brown bags that dad would bring us home from downtown when he went to…

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My frustration with an avocado tree

As many of you know, it’s avocado season practically everywhere around the globe. Here in Haiti, the season is at…

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Guava, green or ripe?

It’s amazing how big of an impact childhood memories can have on the one who recalls them. Just yesterday, I…

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Marquise a l'Haitienne

Marquise au chocolat à l’haïtienne

It’s been a while since I last shared a recipe with you. To make up for it, today I am…

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For the love of rice

I will never forget the cafeteria conversations I had with my friends over dinner while in college in the US.…

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Voyage to quenêpes country

Voyage to quenepes country… You are certainly wondering which country I am referring to in the title. This blog is…

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Kalbasik, sour seeds

Rumor has it that this fruit cannot be open without a door. Throughout my childhood, we enjoyed breaking up these…

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Labapin, Caribbean Chestnut?

When I was younger I was a bit obsessed with the idea of keeping my hands clean at all times.…

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Peach Lakou Lakay

Would you eat a green peach? What if I told you that it is as tasty as a ripe one?…

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Carnaval des Fleurs

This week, instead of serving you the flavors of our local Haitian cuisine and gastronomy only, I am taking a…

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Loquat, homesickness remedy

If I told you that one tiny bite of this fruit was the remedy to my homesickness while abroad would…

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Accras, Haitian Appetizer

The appetizers pictured above, known as accras, don’t ask for much to disappear on a plate. Don’t fry them quickly…

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Tamarind, sour fruit

Today’s fruit is featured at the top of my list of forbidden fruits from my childhood. Back then we had…

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Lambi Grille Recipe

This week was a very hot one. And when the temperature is this high, the sky as blue and sunny…

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Mandarins in summer?

Summer is upon us. And though mandarins are not a summer fruit – the peak of the season is between…

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Lakou Lakay

Just the other day, I spent a good hour revisiting our garden, something I had neglected to do in a…

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Lambi boucane, seafood bliss

When my best friend from college went on a cruise to the Caribbean for the first time a couple of…

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Konparet de Jeremie, Konpareeett…

“Konparet, Konpareeeet” is how we yelled out to draw the attention of our « pratik » from the first floor…

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Bonbon Sirop Recipe

“Goodgood syrup, goodgood syrup…” – I can still hear my dad using those words to refer to this special sweet…

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Bonbon Amidon Recipe

These melt-in-your-mouth cookies are prepared with amidon (starch), a manioc (yucca) flour. As a child, I loved eating bonbon amidon…

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Mayi boukannen or bouyi? Se la pou la

At my house food vanishes within seconds. And when it comes to mayi boukannen or mayi bouyi, se la pou’w…

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Lames Veritables Pesees

As mentioned in my previous article about Lame Veritable, this fruit has many preparations. Lames Veritables Pesees are my favorite…

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Lame Veritable, every child’s nightmare

In Pre-K, all of the children were terrified of a fruit we found on the playground and called “tata boulette.”…

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Piment bouc & the red-faced guy

Imagine sitting at a table next to a tomato-red guy whose forehead is dripping with sweat falling in his plate…

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Sauce Ti Malice, a hot sauce

The typical Haitian sauce Ti Malice is served with any fried or grilled meat or seafood. It is a hot…

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Cocktail Native, a Haitian cocktail

Cocktail Native is a typical Haitian Cocktail, which gets its particular flavor from clairin, an unrefined rum prepared locally. Since…

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Cassava, the most versatile snack

Kasav for breakfast, Kasav as a midday snack, Kasav for lunch, Kasav as a late night snack… Kasav with butter,…

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Standard cooking measuring tools?!?

“Add 2 gourdes” of garlic” – these are instructions I recently found in a recent edition of a Haitian cookbook.…

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Blan Manje, a Coconut Dessert

Blan Manje has to be one of the easiest Haitian desserts I know. I first made it in college for…

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Fried Beans

Fried beans and how we ruined dad’s Good Friday meal… Tradition in our family has it that there absolutely must…

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Cassava Pudding spiked with Rum

I discovered cassava pudding a couple weeks ago and really loved it. I actually combined 2 recipes because the one…

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Poisson Gros Sel

Poisson Gros Sel, a red snapper cooked in a court-bouillon with coarse salt, is a typical Haitian dish that is…

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Haitian Pestle

Haitian Pilon Rhythm

The staccato rhythm of a Haitian pilon (wooden pestle) in a house is music to my ears. Maybe it’s because…

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A fresco with peanuts

In Haiti, fresco is shaved ice drizzled with a thick and sweet syrup that comes in different flavors. Among these…

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Haitian Beignets Recipe

This Haitian beignet recipe is inspired by an experiment my mom did this year. She substituted sugar cane syrup for…

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Bananes Pesees

I got this bananes pesees recipe from an uncle who added his own twist to it. He used to add…

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Banm graten diri djondjon…

♪♩Diri djondjon, diri djondjon, banm graten diri djondjon… ♫ (Djondjon rice, djondjon rice, give me graten from djondjon rice) This is…

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Haitian Pikliz

The Haitian pikliz recipe is a mix of vegetables cut using the julienne method (shredded in long thin strips) spiced…

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Wild berries ? Berries ? « Rezen » ?

One of the greatest pleasures of mountain life in Haiti is to be able to stop along the way during…

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Des bananes “pesees” ?!?

“Bananes (plantains) pesees?! I thought they were pressees?!” That’s what a French speaker from abroad once told me when I…

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Carnival Treats

♪♩Qu’y a-t-il oh, dans la rue oh, je ne peux pas dormir, c’est jour de carnaval chacun va s’amuser,  sauter,…

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