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My name is Annick Mégie, food blogger, food photographer and recipe developer. 

Born and raised in Haiti, where I currently live, I grew up in the hills of Port-au-Prince where I was often off hiking with my father and close friends. Our hiking adventures often included food experiences during which we discovered, or sometimes rediscovered, our local gastronomy. 

Whether at home or in the neighborhood, gardens always surrounded me. We often grew vegetables in our yard at home, which, today, has become a real orchard which produce you will most definitely discover on this blog. 

I’ve experienced our local gastronomy in many ways, and want to share those experiences with you. Through this blog, I will recount some of my culinary memories in hopes they will help keep Haiti’s cuisine and gastronomy alive. 

My goal? Share a digital gastronomic directory of the Haitian cuisine that goes beyond simple Haitian food recipes gathered here and there. I will compile anecdotes and food shots that give life to the aromas, smells and tastes of my country. 

Please note that I do not have a culinary background. I, thus, don’t aim to constantly publish recipes. I will, however, share recipes as I find or develop them. 

If you don’t find accurate proportions, don’t hold it against me. The Haitian cuisine rarely has well defined proportions as I explain in the Standard Measuring Tools article. Haitians cook with their heart and, most importantly, their taste buds. As a Haitian, I do the same. 

As for my photography, it may sometimes stray away from what most would consider typical Haitian food and drinks. But I firmly believe that no matter the theme, Haiti leaves its imprint on everything I create.

So once more, welcome to my world. And get your taste buds ready for a unique adventure.

And please, don’t hesitate to contact me should you have suggestions or should you wish to contribute to the blog.

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