A Passion-Filled Cake: Chocolate, Passion Fruit, and Whipped Cream Delight

A friend’s influence can be strong, guiding us back to our passions and sparking unexpected joys. This year, a persistent friend and a craving for passion fruit curd changed my life for the better, reigniting my love for food blogging.

That friend had spent the better part of the past two years nudging me to revive this food blog, get back to food photography, writing and most importantly to my kitchen. He had tasted this chocolate cake layered with passion fruit curd and whipped cream before, and suggested I bake it again.  Even though I am not a baker – I only bake cakes once a year on my birthday, – I caved. I knew I needed to get back to writing. Plus, this cake would help me satisfy my craving for a sweet passion fruit treat. 

Little did I know, this passion-filled cake reignited more than just my oven.

That first bite brought pure bliss. The perfectly moist chocolate cake delighted my taste buds, the passion fruit curd added a zesty punch, and the whipped cream brought it all together with its unctuous texture. 

The passion fruit curd stole the show, of course.

Mango flavored three-ingredient fruit curd | tchakayiti.com

If you’ve never made a curd before, prepare yourself for a treat. My go-to base recipe, available here, never fails and tastes utterly divine. Infused with passion fruit, it balances tart and sweet perfectly. And, combined with chocolate cake and whipped cream, it creates a symphony of flavors, with each bite better than the last.

Revisiting this passion-filled cake rekindled passion in my life, both in flavor and in spirit. 

A Passion-Filled Cake: Chocolate, Passion Fruit, and Whipped Cream Delight | Tchakayiti, Haitian Food Blog

Making this cake felt therapeutic. Carefully measuring the ingredients and mixing the batter immersed me in the creative process. The aroma of baking chocolate filled the kitchen, igniting my senses, while being back in the kitchen stirred memories of culinary adventures past . The process brought me immense joy and reignited my enthusiasm for writing. Each step, from mixing the batter to whipping the cream, filled me with a renewed sense of purpose. Since then, I have happily returned to both my kitchen and this blog.

In all honesty, this cake wasn’t just about satisfying a craving. It was about rediscovering a passion I had neglected. It reminded me that sometimes, the best things in life come from the simplest pleasures, including baking a cake and sharing it with loved ones.

So here’s to passion—in all its forms. Whether it’s indulging in a fruity treat, the drive to get creative in the kitchen, or the love and support of friends who never stop believing in us. 

A Passion-Filled Cake: Chocolate, Passion Fruit, and Whipped Cream Delight | Tchakayiti, Haitian Food Blog

Passion-filled chocolate cake

I may not be a pro at cake decoration, but this passion fruit curd and whipped cream layered chocolate cake is worth trying. I promise it will leave you begging for more.
The base cake recipe is from my favorite baking food blog, Broma Bakery. Her recipes are fullproof. As for the passion fruit curd, I used my go to curd recipe from the food blog.


  • 1 baked and cooled chocolate cake see the intro for the link to my go-to recipe
  • 1 jar of passion fruit curd see the intro for the link my go-to recipe
  • Prepared whipping cream add a hint of vanilla


  • Cut your cake in half
  • Set one cake layer and top it generously with the passion fruit curd. Let the sponge absorb some of the curd.
  • Top the curd with some whipped cream
  • Cover with the other cake half and top generously with the passion fruit curd making sure to let the sponge absorb some of the curd
  • Finish with some more whipped cream
  • Enjoy


This cake tastes even better after a few hours or days in the fridge.
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  • Hello Annick
    Ça fait tellement longtemps. Oh mon Dieu ça a l’air tellement bon. Je crois que je vais tenter. Je ne garantie pas le résultat mais je me lance le défi.
    Bon Weekend à vous.

    • annick

      Bonjour Molène! ça fait effectivement très très longtemps. Je reprends mes bonnes habitudes au fur et à mesure. Un plaisir de vous retrouver. A très bientôt !

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