My go to three-ingredient fruit curd recipe

[:en]I have been preparing fruit curds for a few years now. I’ve even shared some of my favorite concoctions with you. You have discovered them in my waffles and meringue cookies, my bitter orange curd and my pot-pourri citrus pie.

I like my three-ingredient fruit curd recipe for its versatility.

I bet it will quickly conquer your palate as well. The basic fruit cream I serve you today lends itself to any and all culinary interpretations. Mango, berries, peaches, coconut, shaddock and other citruses… pair well with this recipe.

In just a few minutes, it helps satisfy sweet cravings and brightens up sweet breakfast and dessert dishes.

Now, I must warn you. You will find quite a few fruit cream recipes out there. The creamiest version requires the use of eggs. I relied on that formula for my mulberry curd which I served you before with waffles and meringue cookies.

Nonetheless, the complexity of that recipe overwhelms me. I would rather prepare my quick and simple three-ingredient fruit curd, especially since it boasts a longer shelf life than the egg-based one.

My fruit curds require few ingredients and tools.

Their preparation only calls for three key ingredients: fruit juice, sugar and cornstarch. You can of course, if you wish, spruce up this mixture with vanilla, sweet spices including cinnamon, star anise, or even a dash of flavored rum or other liquors.

That said, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to try my three-ingredient fruit curd and adapt it to your taste. Use it on toasts, waffles, crêpes, French toasts, cakes…anywhere your sweet palate fancies.

And if you need a bit more inspiration, the following dishes and recipes should inspire you:

  1. Mango curd

    Mango flavored three-ingredient fruit curd |

  2. Cassava French toasts cake with mango curd

    Cassava bread french toasts layered with fresh mango, mango curd and whipped cream |

  3. Pavlova or meringue cookies topped with mulberry Curd

    These meringue cookies are topped with a bright mulberry curd. |

  4. Belgian waffles and mulberry curd

    Served with a homemade mulberry curd, these Belgian waffles are irresistible. |

  5. Bitter orange curd

    You will love the sweetness and tartness of this sour orange curd. |

  6. Pot pourri citrus pie

    This Indian-almond crusted pie is to die for. It is sweet tart and fruity. |

There you have it. Now grab your favorite fruit, extract its juice and preserve it in a jar of fruit curd.

Three ingredient mango curd |

Three-ingredient fruit curd, a base recipe

Once you try this three ingredient fruit curd, you won't go back. Use it with your favorite fruit juice and enhance it will flavors and aromas of your choice. In just 15 minutes, you will be on your way to a delightful sweet treat that pairs well with breakfast and dessert.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Servings 1 jar


  • ¼ cup juice of your choice
  • ¼ cup water
  • ½ cup of sugar
  • 3 tbsp cornstarch
  • Allspice leaves optional
  • Star Anise optional
  • ¼ tsp vanilla optional


  • In a thick bottom pan, mix the sugar and cornstarch
  • Slowly incorporate the juice and water to dissolve the sugar cornstarch mixture
  • Add the all-spice and star anise
  • Slowly bring to a boil under low heat while whisking constantly
  • When it thickens, mix in the vanilla Remove from the stove
  • Whisk until there are no lumps and the curd is silky smooth
  • Allow to cool before transferring to a glass jar
  • Enjoy with crackers, beignets or use it as a pie topping.

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