One pot coconut ice cream

A few weeks ago, I decided to finally give in to what I had been longing to do all summer long and try to make some homemade coconut ice cream without my dad’s help.

At the time, I was both excited and anxious; excited because I was planning to prepare ice cream on my own, and anxious because memories of what seemed like a complicated process throughout my childhood came flooding back.

Indeed, growing up, ice cream was one of my dad’s few food specialties. He was serious about this job and always deployed quite the arsenal of kitchen tools to make it happen. I can still remember our kitchen counter cluttered with all the essentials and perhaps non-essentials that, according to him, were a must for a successful ice cream making process. Milk cans, sugar, vanilla extract, rock salt, cold water, ice, blender, ice cream machine, measuring cups, strainer among other things were all lined up on the countertop as he prepped the area for what at the time seemed to be the most complicated recipe known to mankind.

Let’s not even mention the fact that many of the ingredients often ended up spilled as well!


All mess and jokes set aside, dad was actually skilled at making ice cream. Through the years, he managed to successfully prepare multiple batches, each one more successful than the previous. Year after year, he explored different flavors including mango, coconut, vanilla, fraise des bois and even sour sop ice cream to delight our senses. No matter the flavor, the ice cream he made was almost always light and creamy with just the right amount of sugar.

With my dad being so successful at making this cold dessert, you can now understand why I was a bit nervous when I decided to replace him and undertake this ginormous task in our home kitchen. I was worried that my ice cream may not churn like it should especially since I had chosen to take a shortcut and do a one-pot ice cream.

I ditched some of the equipment notably the blender and strainer and mixed all my ingredients in the ice cream maker directly. It must be noted that I was only able to do so because I had some already made coconut milk. Had I used a different fruit, I probably would have needed most if not all of the equipment my dad uses and that I made such fun of above.

The result? A creamy one-pot coconut ice cream with a hint of Haitian rum. With a recipe that simple, why not hop on the ice cream making bandwagon like I did?!

The recipe below calls for one part of sugar for four parts of liquid. Please note that you can adjust the sweetness to your own taste but that ice cream typically requires a bit more sugar as the sweet taste tends to disappear as it cools and churns.

Also, the steps and timing indicated below are based on the ice cream maker we have at home. Please follow your ice cream maker’s manual for a successful ice cream.


  • 2 parts coconut milk
  • 2 parts evaporated milk
  • 1 part sugar (or to taste)
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Nutmeg
  • Rum (optional)
  • Ice for the ice cream maker
  • Coarse salt for the ice cream maker


  1. Mix all the ingredients in one pot making sure to fully dissolve the sugar
  2. Transfer to your ice cream maker
  3. Add some ice and coarse salt according to your ice cream maker’s instructions
  4. Let it churn for about 30-45 minutes. Actual time may vary according to your ice cream maker
  5. Once your ice cream is ready, serve immediately or store in the freezer
  6. Enjoy

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  • JJ

    Do you have amounts for the vanilla, nutmeg and rum? Also, is it canned coconut milk or carton coconut milk? Thanks so much! Looking forward to this! Haven’t had Haitian Ice cream since ‘92!

  • Missmo

    Hummm ! pratiquement la même recette qu’en Guadeloupe réalisée également dans une sorbetière. Par contre on l’appelle à tort “sorbet coco” dans la mesure où il y a du lait.

  • Martine Romain Megie

    Maintenant que tu sais y faire, nous esperons en avoir assez souvent a la maison. Donc a ta sorbetiere, chere Annick pour de bonnes glaces maison!

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