Lames Veritables Pesees

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As mentioned in my previous article about Lame Veritable, this fruit has many preparations. Lames Veritables Pesees are my favorite way to eat this vivre alimentaire.

The recipe below is similar to that of bananes pesees. The lam come out crispy on the outside while still keeping their softness on the inside.



  • Lame Veritable
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Hot oil


  1. Peel the lame and cut them into chunks
  2. Fry the pieces in the hot oil until they turn golden. Avoid letting them cook fully as the cooking process will be completed the second time you fry them
  3. Take the precooked pieces out and press them using either a plantain smasher or two small plates
  4. Dip the pressed veritab in some salted water
  5. Fry the pressed pieces a second time in the hot oil until they become crispy on the outside
  6. Serve the lame veritables pesees immediately with salt or Haitian pikliz (optional)

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