Sour oranges, key ingredient in Haiti's cooking. |

Sour oranges, how to use them


Zoranj su: sour oranges also known as bitter oranges in English, key ingredient in Haiti’s cuisine.

The high acidity of sour oranges makes them a great partner in prepping, marinating and cooking meats and seafood.

Below is a list of a few ways they find themselves in our cooking. Please, feel free to comment should you like to add more to this list.

In Haiti, we use sour oranges to:

  1. “Cleanse” and tenderize our meat and fish.

    We rub them with the fruit before adding any seasoning.

    Sour oranges, key ingredient in Haiti's cooking. |

  2. Remove the strong smell from chicken.

    The process is the same as the cleansing but it is definitely worthy of a separate mention. In Haiti, we feel strongly about the smell of our chicken, and are convinced they deserve a special treatment.

  3. Cook our griot (fried pork).

    This renowned dish is cooked in sour orange juice, salt, thyme and piment bouc before being fried. (I promise to share a proper recipe soon)

    In Haiti, sour oranges are the main ingredient in the preparation of our griot, fried pork. |
  4. Prepare our marinades.

    Sour oranges are a great substitute for vinegar and lime. Make sure to use them sparingly, however. Their acidity level is high.

  5. Prepare a hot sauce

    You will find an amazing sour orange infused hot sauce recipe right on this blog.

    Infused with sour oranges, this recipe for a Haitian hot sauce is the only one you'll ever need. |

And my latest discoveries:

  1. Add them to your turkey brine
  2. Use them to brighten your shallots

    In just a few minutes, sour oranges can enhance your shallots’ color.

    Sour oranges, the secret to brighten your shallots. |

  3. Or make a sour orange jam.

    I promise to write more about that soon.Did you know you can use sour orange peels to make a jam? |




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