This milk soda is a favorite among many Haitian children. It is a mixture of a local fruit champagne soda and milk. |

Lèt a kola, a Haitian child’s favorite milk soda


Today is not a Sunday, that’s a fact. Yet, I can’t help but reminisce on the wonderful Sunday evenings from my childhood. I still picture them as if it were yesterday. They were effortlessly delicious. We ate dinner early on those days and tended to be hungry around 7 or 8. Our Sunday night ritual thus included quick snacks like grilled cheeses, chocolate milkshakes, hot dogs or lèt a kola. It is this last milk soda I am sharing with you today. On a Friday morning, I know. But it is delicious, nonetheless.

Lèt a kola was a favorite of my siblings and I.

A mixture of our local fruit champagne soda with milk and sugar, lèt a kola is fruity, creamy with the most amazing sugar deposit at the bottom of the glass. I loved it both for its taste and for the fun adventures we embarked on while drinking it. For starters, the sugar never dissolved completely in the drink leaving it with sweet crystals that added some fun crunch to the mix. Just think about it for a second. Don’t soda and milk sugar bits sound heavenly?

This milk soda is a favorite among many Haitian children. It is a mixture of a local fruit champagne soda and milk. |

What made this milk soda even more fun was the straw.

My brothers and I took turns competing for who would blow more bubbles into the filled glass. The higher the bubbles rose, the happier we were. This game of ours drove our parents nuts. They constantly warned us not to overflow the glass with bubbles for fear of us spilling it. But we barely paid them any attention. We had mastered the art of knowing when exactly to stop blowing into the glass for the liquid not to spill. Plus, their annoyance only made us giggle.

This milk soda is a favorite among many Haitian children. It is a mixture of a local fruit champagne soda and milk. |

As I commit those words to paper, I can’t help but crave a cold glass of this milk soda.

I haven’t had one in years. Were it not for this blog, I probably wouldn’t even have thought about it. Lèt a kola tends to be a drink reserved to children. Plus, I’m at the age where I am watching my calorie intake. But you know what, calories or not, I will drink that glass I am about to prepare and photograph for the pleasure of tantalizing your senses. There is no way I will be able to resist it. I will also most definitely grab a straw and blow bubbles into the glass. That is after all a must for this milk soda. I am almost absolutely certain that the child I was would tell you that without bubbles lèt a kola is simply not the same. Those bubbles are the secret ingredient to a flavorful chilled lèt a kola 😉


Lèt a kola, a Haitian child's favorite milk soda

This Haitian milk soda is a mixture of our local fruit champagne soda and milk. It is fruity, creamy delicious

Prep Time 10 minutes


  • 1 part milk
  • 1 part fruit champagne flavored soda
  • 1 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
  • ice


  1. Combine equal parts of milk and soda

  2. Sweeten to taste

  3. Fill with ice

  4. Blow some bubbles & Enjoy


  1. Martine Romain Megie

    Awrr. Ce que c’est agreable de revivre avec toi ces chapitres heureux de ton enfance. Tes parents ont su te combler et nous le faisons toujours. Affectueusement.

  2. Maria

    Par où commencer.Je decouvre ton blog avec tellement de joie! Les recettes haitienne sont si difficile a retrouvé sur internet et la je retrouve tous mes plats d’enfance sur ton blog. Et les revisités que tu proposes sont tellement tellement tellement geniale 😍😍😍😍😍Demain c’est mon anniversaire, et la decouverte de ce blog est surement le plus beau des cadeaux dont j’aurais pu rever . Mille merci!
    Je voulais savoir pour cette recette a quoi correspond le “gazeuse fruit champagne”
    Est ce que c’est comme de la lemonade petillante ( celle qu’on met dans les diabolo).? Merci d’avance pour ta reponse!😚

    1. annick says: Post author

      Bonjour Maria et bienvenue sur le blog! Heureuse de pouvoir vous aider à redécouvrir certains souvenirs d’enfance. La gazeuse fruit champagne serait le Cola Couronne de chez nous si vous connaissez

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