Mango sorbet with a hint of lime and mint

Summer has just begun. Yet, the temperatures are already to the roof. We’re feeling it in our mountain location. And I complain about it. A lot. I am also constantly looking for a refreshing treat. Thus, the mango sorbet I am serving you today.

Now, before you run away, let me tell you that this sorbet will not require any specialized equipment. You will not need an ice cream maker to prepare it.

I repeat. You will not need an ice cream maker.

You will, however, need a bit of patience. This recipe involves waiting for a few hours for the freezer to do its thing. Speaking of freezer, I almost forgot to mention that you will need one. Add a blender to the list.

But you already have those at hand, right? So, what are you waiting for to dig in?

Below are the quick steps you’ll need to follow to prepare my easy mango sorbet. If you lack patience, you can stop at step five and enjoy a cold mango smoothie. But trust me when I tell you, you should totally work on your patience. The long hours of wait are worth it. Especially after a long hot day.

  1. Wash and peel your mango (duh!)
  2. Cut it into chunks

    Frozen Haitian Mango Chunks |

  3. Transfer those chunks to a freezer bag

    Freeze overnight or for a few hours until frozen

  4. Drop your frozen mango cubes in a blender

    Add some sugar, a mint leaf and some lime juice
     The perfect treat to cool down on a hot summer day. |

  5. Let the blender work its magic

    This frozen mango smoothie is the perfect start to your day during the summer. | tchakayiti.comYou could just stick to a smoothie at this point. It would be quite tasty. But, I highly recommend you follow the remaining steps. Your overheated body will thank you.This frozen mango smoothie is the perfect start to your day during the summer. |

  6. Transfer your pureed frozen mango to a container
  7. Freeze your half-frozen mango puree for a couple of hours
  8. Once it is all set, scoop out your mango sorbet like you would an ice cream

    This mango sorbet is easy and simple to make. The perfect treat to cool down on a hot summer day. |

  9. Enjoy after a long hot summer day
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  • Francois Romain

    je reste volontaire pour gouter et donner mon opinion. fais-moi parvenir les echantillons ! ou invite-moi.

    • annick

      il risque de fondre en route :-/

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