Silky-smooth mango ice cream

Yes, you read right! The ice cream recipes on this blog keep getting more interesting year after year!

Just last year, I was making fun of my dad’s ice cream making arsenal while sharing a one-pot coconut ice cream recipe with you guys.

This year, I have set out to get you to definitely jump on the ice cream making bandwagon. I am about to not only add some decadent mango ice cream flavors to your repertoire, but to simplify its preparation as well.

Before I get into that overly simplified method, I should definitely give my parents the credit they deserve. Even though I mastered the fine art of that one-pot coconut ice cream, I don’t really prepare the ones we indulge in at home.

My dad resigned from his complicated homemade ice cream making industry last year, however. He seems to have passed his apron down to my mother. As I am writing those words, I hope his lack of interest doesn’t have anything do with my poking fun of his methods on this blog.

For the past few months, my mother has been experimenting and improving her technique, using a Tip Hero recipe. If I may be honest here, I must say not all the ice cream she prepared with that method were a success. The first ones were a bit plain, lacking in flavors and on the fatty side. But you did not just read that on here… 😉

Last Sunday, however, she redeemed herself. Like a true Haitian in a kitchen, she used that recipe as an inspiration. She added some homemade mango purée to the mix for a silky-smooth mango ice cream.

Unfortunately, getting a recipe with proportions from her is a bit on the complicated side of things. The base recipe does use regular proportions, which you can find on Tip Hero. It does not include measurements for the added mango juice, however.

My mother adapted the initial recipe to her taste. She adjusted the amount of juice as she went, until the mix was completely infused with the mango flavors.

With no exact proportions, this is definitely a decadent mango ice cream recipe that is worth a try. I won’t share a detailed recipe here as I cannot guarantee it will be full proof, but I will tell you this much:  all you’ll need is some of your favorite variety of mango purée, sweetened condensed milk and some whipping cream. Blend or whip it all together and freeze for a couple of hours. Also, make sure to puree the mango in your blender without adding any water. That way you’ll get a silky smooth mango ice cream.


I won’t share the complete method here. Simply follow the instructions found here on Tip Hero and add some mango puree to your taste before mixing or blending.


  • Whipping Cream
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Fresh Mango


  1. Peel the mango and cut its flesh into chunks
  2. Puree the mango in a blender without adding water. Strain to remove the fibers if necessary
  3. Mix the puree, the whipping cream and condensed milk
  4. Whip until soft peaks form
  5. Freeze for a couple of hours
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  • Missmo

    J’ai un appareil manuel de la marque Tupperware le speedy chef qui permet de faire aussi des glaces en rien de temps avec peu d’ingrédients. J’ai déjà essayer la glace à la vanille c’est impeccable. Je vais tester la glace à la mangue et vous donnerai mes impressions.

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